You receive a message on your phone: “Your Uber/Lyft driver has arrived.” You look around but don’t see anyone. Where is my ride?

That happens when your Uber or Lyft arrives at a different location from where you are. How can this happen? You ask. In fact, it happens more often than you think. We have put together a few tips for our riders. Mastering these tips will help you never miss an Uber or Lyft ride.

1. Do Not Use Pin Drop

Both Uber and Lyft apps allow riders to use an automatic pin drop on the map to designate their pickup location. The pin is determined by your phone’s GPS location, which may not be 100% accurate. Therefore, if your phone GPS location is not correct, you will end up with a wrong pickup address.  The same applies when you drop a pin on a zoomed-out view of the map. The pin appears to show the location you are trying to set up, but because the precise GPS location varies greatly when the pin is moved slightly, you may end up with a different location.

To ensure your pickup location is accurate, enter your address at the top of the screen. If you don’t know your address, zoom in on the map all the way, then drop the pin. Be sure to confirm your location using other map apps.

2. Call Instead of Text Your Driver

If you need to get in touch with your driver, it’s best to call. Once your driver takes your request, they will start driving and will not be able to read or respond to text messages. They may not see your text message until they arrive at your pickup location. Therefore, call them if you need to ask a question or clarify your pickup location. Don’t worry about giving away your phone when you call the driver. Uber and Lyft mask the phone numbers of riders and drivers.

3. Wait at the Right Location

Often drivers find riders waiting at bus stops. Most people probably do not know vehicles other than buses are not allowed to stop at bus stops, not even for brief pickups or drop-offs. Drivers are faced with hefty fines for violations. The same applies to red zones and fire hydrants. To allow your driver to pick you up easily, stay away from these spots.

If you’re on a busy street, try to pick a not-so-crowed parking lot nearby or a not-so-busy stretch of the street. Stay away from street corners. If you’re in a very crowded area, walk to a quieter area if possible. Call your driver to provide the specifics of your exact location, such as you’re standing next a billboard or a statute. Your goal is to allow your driver to spot you as quickly as possible.