Both Uber and Lyft offer scheduled rides allowing customers to schedule a trip in advance. This is a great option for a trip to the airport or a scheduled meeting.


How to Schedule a Ride
1. Open the Lyft app, set your destination.
2. Tap ‘Schedule’ on the ride mode selection screen.
3. Choose a date and time and tap ‘Set pick up time.’
4. Confirm your pickup and drop-off location, then tap ‘Schedule.’

As of September 2018, scheduled rides are available up to 7 days in advance for Lyft Standard in selected areas. To confirm the service is available, look for a small “Schedule” option on the ride mode selection screen. With this service, you must choose a pickup time frame. Your driver will arrive within the pickup window.

The price for your scheduled ride is locked in at time the ride is scheduled. If Lyft  predicts Prime Time rates for your schedule ride, the Prime rate will apply regardless the rate is higher or lower at the actual pickup time.

You may cancel your scheduled ride at any time, but standard cancellation policy applies if:

  1. Ride is canceled after a driver has been matched;
  2. Driver is on the way to pick you up, and
  3. He/she is scheduled to arrive within the pickup time frame.

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How to Schedule a Ride

1. Open the Uber app, then tap the car-and-clock icon in the Where-to field to schedule a ride.
2. Set your pickup date, time, location, destination, and ride type, and get a fare estimate.
3. Confirm the details of your upcoming trip and tap Schedule.

As of September 2018, you may schedule a ride with Uber up to 30 days in advance. With the exception of airports, scheduled rides are available in nearly all cities where Uber is available. Check your app for the “car-and-clock” icon in the “Where to” field to confirm the feature is available in your area.

For trips scheduled at least 60 minutes in advance, your price is locked in. When you schedule at least 30 minutes in advance, your driver will pick you up on time.

You may edit or cancel anytime before your ride. Scheduled rides are subject to the same cancellation policies as on-demand rides.

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