As with other airports, passengers taking Uber or Lyft to the airport may be dropped off curbside in the area serving your airline.

UberX and Standard Lyft rides are recommended for 1 – 2 travelers. Your driver will take you directly from your home or work to the airport. If you’re traveling with a large group, please consider UberXL or Lyft Plus, which offers a high capacity vehicle with room for several bags.

UberPOOL and Lyft Line are not recommended for airport trips. With this type of van pool like service, the driver may need to stop 2 or 3 times to pick up and drop-off other passengers, which make cause un-expected delays. In addition, the vehicle may run out of luggage space with additional passengers. Avoid taking UberPOOL or Lyft Line to SJC.


There are two terminals at SJC. The pickup locations for the two terminals are different. After picking your luggage, request a ride on the app, confirm your terminal, then walk to the designated pickup area.

Terminal A

The pickup area for Terminal A is at the curbside Stop 1, outside Terminal A Garage.

SJC Terminal A Rideshare Pickup

Terminal B

The pickup area for Terminal B is at Stop 8 & 9 on the Ground Transportation Island across from Baggage Claim. It is the same stop as Hotel Shuttles.

Uber Black and Lyft Premier Pick-up

Terminal A – In the second floor of the garage just north of the doors from the central baggage claim elevator lobby
Terminal B – In Hourly-lot 5, south of Terminal B

Ride Options

Please consider your luggage size when requesting a ride. The following options are available at SJC.


UberX: Low-cost; ideal for 1 to 2 passengers with luggage

UberXL: High capacity vehicle for a larger group with multiple bags

UberSELECT: Mid-tier luxury sedan for 1-2 passenger with luggage; a step above UberX

UberBLACK: High end luxury sedan driven by a professional driver

UberSUV: High-capacity version of UberBlack for up to 6 passengers.

UberASSIST: UberX or UberXL with drivers trained to assist passengers with accessibility needs

UberPOOL: Lowest cost option; split cost with other riders; Not recommended if under time constrain



Standard Lyft: Low-cost; ideal for 1 to 2 passengers with luggage

Lyft Plus: High-capacity vehicle for up to 6 passengers.

Premier: High end luxury sedan or SUV

Lyft Line: Lowest cost option; split cost with other riders; Not recommended if under time constrain


Fare Estimates for Popular Destinations

Fares to and from SJC vary depending on vehicle options and travel time. Please use Uber Fare Estimator or Lyft app to get a more accurate fare estimate.

SJC → Downtown San Jose: UberX: $9-12, Lyft: $8-13

SJC → Stanford University: UberX: $27-35, Lyft: $27-37

SFO → Downtown San Francisco: UberX: $59-78, Lyft: $57-68

SFO → Downtown Oakland: UberX: $45-60, Lyft: $48-60

SFO → Fremont Bart Station: UberX: $25-33, Lyft: $25-35


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SFO - Uber Lyft Passenger Guide to Pickups and Drop-offs