Lyft is actively pursuing new drivers in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley. The current sign-on bonus for new drivers is $2,000!

To earn the bonus, new drivers must complete 500 rides in 60 days, which comes out to be about 60 – 65 rides a week. This is easy to do for full-time drivers. On the other hand, this may be somewhat challenging for part-time drivers. However, it can still be done with a little strategic planning. Typically Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday are the busy time with little or no down time. Completing 50 rides during this time is very doable. Then, you will be only 10 – 15 rides away for the week’s goal. These 10 – 15 rides may be spread over 5 days at 2 – 3 rides each day.

Assuming you take home $10 for each trip (after Lyft’s commission), we are looking $5,000 after 500 trips. With the $2,000 bonus, your pay for two months will be about $7,000.

How to Sign Up

Completing an online application is the first step to becoming a Lyft driver. Click on the Sign-up button below to get started.

Lyft Basic Driver Requirements

  1. Minimum Age – 21 years old
  2. Valid Driver’s License, Registration, and Insurance
  3. Clean Driving Record
  4. Pass a Background Check
  5. Car requirements – 4-door, 2004 or newer
  6. Pass a vehicle inspection
  7. Comply with city and state requirements

Click here to get more details on becoming a Lyft driver.

If you’ve been thinking about driving with Lyft, now would be a good time to apply to claim this special offer. Once you’re signed up, this offer is reserved for you. You can start when you are ready. The 60-day clock does not start ticking until you’re approved to drive.

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