New LYFT Riders

New Account Sign-up

New Lyft riders receive $5 free ride credit when using a promo code. Click the Sign-up button below to apply.

Free $50 Ride Credit for New Riders

Earn $50 of Lyft credit when you sign up. Promo code applied automatically.

Already Signed up But Haven’t Taken a Ride 

If you’ve already signed up and downloaded the app, insert the promo code in the Payment section of the app. See the step-by-step instructions below.


New Riders: Use this Promo Code for $50 Worth of Free Rides.

Existing Rider Discount

Unfortunately, discounts for existing Lyft riders are hard to find. Below are a few tips on finding coupons for existing riders.

1. Refer a new rider

  • You earn free rides when you refer friends or family members to use Lyft. Go to the “Free Rides” section in your Lyft app to find your referral code. Ask your friends and family to apply your referral when they create a new Lyft account.

2. If you’re attending a special event, visit the event’s website for special offers.

How to Claim Ride Credit

1. If you do not have a Lyft account, click on the “Claim Lyft Credit” button above to begin.

2. Download the app as prompted.

3. Enter your phone number.

Enter phone number in Lyft app

4. Immediately you will receive a text message with a verification code.

Lyft app: text msg with phone verification code

5. Enter the verification code in app.

Lyft app phone verification code

6. Once your phone is verified, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address.

Lyft-app: enter name and email

7. Your new account is created. You can request a ride right away.

What to do if you have already download the app?

If you’ve already signed up and downloaded the app, but have not taken a ride, insert this code, RS4LYFT, in the promo code section.

1. Download and log on to the Lyft app on your smart phone.

2. Click on the head icon in the upper left corner.


3. Choose “Payment”.


4. Enter promo code: “RS4LYFT” in the “Add credit code” field. Then click “Apply”.


How to Use Lyft

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